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Russell Brand Fears American Accents

Russell Brand might be married to California Gurl, Katy Perry, but if he gets things his way, his children will grow up with cute, little British accents.

Brand and Perry currently live in Los Angeles, but the British actor and comedian hopes to raise his kids ...
back home, if possible. He explained his reasoning to Seven magazine: "I have a fear of hearing my American children speak to me in American accents.”
Wanting your kids to have a lovely British twang wouldn't seem like a tough sell -- little children with accents are beyond adorable -- but convincing wife Katy to leave California is a whole different story. Perry grew up in in the Golden State and her song "California Gurls" reached number one in over ten countries.
Besides, Brand should have more important things to worry about at the moment other than his children's accents. His film Arthur, released last week, got panned by critics and crushed at the box office. but id still watch it regardless!

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