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The Royal Wedding: Final Tier

So i obviously watched the whole thing from when she left the hotel and how no one knew what desingner she was wearing until the last minute which by the way was by ...
 Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton who took over as creative director of the label after Alexander's tragic suicide last year. She looked effortlessly elegant (although my mother disliked the fact that she opted for minnimal fittings siting that its one day of the year so why not splurge a littlt ... at least some neck jewelry) i felt it was all based on her minnimal taste as an indevidual (her face killed me and that smile .... amaizing). i heared gist that she did her own make up (the Dutchess chick got skills).
When she got out of the car with her dad and then her sister Pippa saddled her bridal train, the whlole fantacy thing came alive and i could see that star quality in her (something Princess Dii had too). She effortlessly made her way to where a nervous Prince William and Prince Harry as well as The Abby filled with 2000 invited guests were waiting patiently. The vows were made and the ring wanted to Eff them up cause it appears it was a little too tight but William was too nervous to let that happen so he tried and he succesfully got that ring on her finger. the choir almost killed me; all the young boys to the middle aged men and their hevenly voices serenaded the whole Abby with hymns and songs for the occation while the couple went in to sign their marriage papers. then they reapered and got a message from the Artbishop of Cantibry, and then it was time to take it to the streets.
The rain held so they didnt need the gless see tru buggy insted they opted for the open carrige and flunted their new status as the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge, riding with hands waving to the crouds that had camped out for days just to catch a glimps of the royal couple. They rode all the way to the Buckingham Palace where their guests were treeted to an Afternoon reception trown by her majesty, The queen, before which they came on the balcony and waved to the croud then shared a kiss to the pleasure of the croud waited a bit then did it again! (what was up with that little girl who was grumpy and even when Kate reached out to her, she just shrugged and continued moping, only waving a little).
The main spectacle ended with the new couple riding in Prince Charls car back to the home they will now share as man and wife (their first alone time as a couple). wow! what a spectacle to behold. (i saw on facebook that Willow performed for the royal party ... wish i had footage!!!!!).

Here's what some major peple in fashion had to say about the "Dress"
Karl Lagerfeld told Women's Wear Daily, "She is very elegant. The dress is classic and goes very well in the Westminster decor. I love the modest veil with the Queen Mother's Thirties scroll tiara and balanced volume of the whole gown. She's radiant. She never was so beautiful." Donatella Versace said, "Kate's dress was beautiful. She looked very regal," while Hubert de Givenchy adds, "The dress is very simple and very nice. The veil is a little flat, but because she has such a lovely face, she can afford to wear it this way. She is very pretty."
[SIDE NOTE] Can't believe it that 30 years ago when Princess Diana was getting married, my Mum flew to London just to stand on the street to wave at the then new couple! incredible
Wishing William and Kate all the best (Kate stay clear of all the drama your new placement and status brings: case in point Princess-Wahala: Diana, Fergie, Anne)

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