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Paris Hilton Sued for $60K in Unreturned Jewelry

Jewelry companies must be hurting for money—or publicity. They're suing celebrities left and right for stolen or unreturned jewels!

The most recent star to be served is Paris Hilton. Damiani jewelry says Paris has yet to ...
return $60K in jewels she was lent a few years ago. The company claims the pricey baubles were part of the $2.8 million stolen from her house in 2009, but safely returned to her posession by the LAPD.
Paris has reportedly been unresponsive to phone calls and email messages. Damiani also alleges that the theft of the jewels was caused by negligence on Paris' part. She had a habit of leaving her front door open and failed to put the valuables in a safe, like they were supposed to. Paris' lawyers replied with this statement:
We only just received the complaint but it is clear that it is not based on fact. Among other things nobody from the Hilton team ever told the insurance company that the Damiani items that were stolen were returned. We are not aware of any of the Damiani items being recovered by the police, only costume jewelry was recovered.
What do you think, is this a legit case or a jewelry company looking to cash in on some star power?

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