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No Doubt Fans Rejoice! New Album Coming Out This Year!

Gwen Stefani confirmed it herself!
This morning, while chatting with Ryan Seacrest on his morning show, Gwen revealed that she and her No Doubt boys are finally finishing up a new album and revealed that it should be ....
“definitely out this year.”
Hallelujah! We thought the day would never come!
Of course, she didn't have an exact date for us, but she added:
"We’ve been going for awhile trying to make this record and it’s been super challenging but really fun, we’re trying to enjoy the moment of writing and…it’s just a really fun process and I think it’s going to be out this year. It’s generally a really happy album…the main thing we were trying to do is write really catchy good songs…we got about 10 songs done and we want to do a few more just in case, but it’s a really good record, I really love this record.”
We can't wait to love it right along with you - so don't make us wait that much longer!

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