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Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More ... or just keep on Sighin"

Wanted to take a break from chriticin albums for a bit but i could not resist a getting few words in for these guys (operational word being Few). They are this American group that live in uk! (reminds you of ...
Kings of Leon). i first heared about them when i saw them on the Grammy stage earlier this year but then i thought "snoofest!" but you kno what they say about one never escaping good music (fine they never say that but you kno what im sayin!) anyway after listening to the singles off the album, i was stuck! so i copped the album (me and the rest for America! lol) and i was still apprehensive but what a dummy i was cause i was blown away by this record.
Sigh No More is like blue grass pop! (yeah i kno, why bother? but theres more ...) theres definately country elements all trough the album but in a more serious atmosphere. and the lyrics! ... the lyrics are like what your feeling but dont know how to relate it ... they jump u and relate it. if anything, these guys sound like the older brothers of Adele! its highly refreshing, their music and the lyrics could be interpreted in neumerous ways. not to over embellish but these guyz are the ish! definately a "Cop That" record so go Cop That and then tell me all about the experience!!!!!

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