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Mickey Rourke Indirectly Disses Megan Fox

For a while there, it seemed like Mickey Rourke and Megan Fox were pretty smitten with one another—at least professionally, anyway. The pair worked together on the Mitch Glazer film Passion Play, an experience that prompted Fox to get a tattoo in Rourke's honor on her torso.

But the film ...
never made it to a theatrical release, and maybe Mickey and Megan aren't so tight after all. He was rather blunt with the opinions at a screening of Scream 4 in New York City last night, where he confessed his movie with Megan was "Terrible. Another terrible movie."
When a New York Magazine reporter pointed out Rourke had called Fox one of the best actresses of all time, Rourke reportedly smirked and said, "That I worked with."
Uh...burn? We guess? Hopefully Megan doesn't regret that tattoo right about now.

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