Liam Neeson's Cameo Cut from 'Hangover 2'

Bad news for fans of Liam Neeson looking forward to seeing him play an over-the-top Irish tattoo artist in the upcoming Hangover sequel. Due to scheduling conflicts, his cameo role in the R-rated comedy has been nixed.

Liam had originally ...
taken over the role after Mel Gibson was removed from the project following rumors of cast protests that took director Todd Phillips by surprise. Now Phillips says the cameo, which seems tailor-made for a high-profile wild card, has been filled by Face/Off director Nick Cassavetes, which seems a whole lot less interesting.
Neeson's role was already filmed, but it was cut because they needed him to come back for a re-shoot. He couldn't make it because he was working on the sequel to Clash of the Titans. Not to worry. Phillips promises Cassavetes delivers the goods.
"We were in a complete time crunch, so I called Nick [Cassavetes] and asked if he would do the part," Phillips said. "He came in and crushed it, and that is the scene that you will ultimately see in the film."

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