Justin Bieber Complains Paparazzi Are Ruining His Israel Experience

Justin Bieber (Pacific Coast News) Justin Bieber is excited to be in Israel to check out some of the city's many historically and spiritually important locations. But the paparazzi are kind of ruining it for him. The young pop star has complained on Twitter that he can't get enough privacy to enjoy the city on his own terms, and the photographers are getting under his skin.
He wrote: "People wait their ....
whole lives for opportunities like this, why would they want to take that experience away from someone. They should be ashamed of themselves. Take pictures of me eating but not in a place of prayer, ridiculous."
Justin went on: "You would think paparazzi would have some respect in holy places. All I wanted was the chance to walk where Jesus did here in Israel."
The tirade inspired a new trend on Twitter for #papsleavebiebsalone, but it sounds like the damage has already been done. On Tuesday morning, he wrote: "Staying in the hotel for the rest of the week u happy?"
Hopefully the Biebs still has time to figure out a way to ditch the paparazzi while he's there.

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