Jessie J Makes The Best Face Ever

On Tuesday night, Jessie J performed at Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, where she struck a classic "Walk Like An Egyptian" pose, complemented by a classic Jim Carrey expression. Of course, she still maintained that ...
severe, dominatrix-style pastiche, considering it looks like she could easily hide firearms somewhere on that bedazzled leotard. Jessie J -- like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj -- also knows the power of going without pants, as she demonstrated as well.

Jessie J made the whole look work, even doing her best impression of The Bangles and rocking a sexy onesie. But it should also be said that we would still listen to her wail on the mic if she wore a prairie dress and a bag over her head. That's just how good she is. No judgments! lol

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