Gossip Girls! Major, Major, Major SPOILERS About Blair And….

We have MAJOR, SUPER DUPER SPOILERY spoilers about what is going to happen between Dan and Blair on the next two upcoming episodes of Gossip Girl. This is what you've all been waiting to know ever since Dair dared to go see that French film together unbeknownst to the rest of the Upper East Side.

We shall share with you all that we know (and we know TONS), but in case you don't want to know…


All right, before we forge ahead, let's take a look back.

Last we saw of Dan and Blair, Humphrey was makin' with the cute, puppy dog eyes and acting all constipated confused over he's feelings for B. Blair was playing things cool and insisted she didn't see birds suddenly appear every time he was near, to wit she did not long to be close to him. However, because they are the only two left that haven't wanted to explore their feelings, they kissed in the final moments of last episode…and it looked pretty damn hot, if you ask us!!

Well, when the show picks up on April 18th, we're afraid Dair is still on hiatus. It's been a week later and Blair has been bitten by a fake-bug and refuses to see anyone, especially Dan and Chuck. Blah, Blah, Blah - Chuck learns that Blair has kissed some other guy and that it has, quote, "changed her life." Chuck puts on his Sherlock Holmes monocle and goes in search of who this mystery dude could be. He ends up at the Humphrey Estate in the distant land of Brooklyn, where Dan has been stewing for the last seven days, wondering if this kiss he shared with B was more than just wet and awkward. Chuck arrives to confront Dan, not because he knows that Dan is the "kissee", but because he was the last one to see Blair. However, after he tells Dan that this kiss "changed" Blair, Lonely Boy's heart grows three sizes that day and her suggests Chuck let her go and be with this new man who has made such an impact on her. That's when Chuck's scheming alarm sounds off and he realizes that Dan is the man he's been searching for.

So, as it turns out, the other characters on the show are doing something too - Serena and the Van der Woodsen clan are assembling for a photo shoot to show family unity or something like that. Chuck arranges for Blair to be there and Dan to think that Blair wants him to be there. (Doesn't matter how - he's a duplicitous sort of guy.) When they finally come face-to-face, they realize what Chuck has done and Blair announces that the kiss meant nothing (DAMN!) and Dan agrees, though we know he doesn't really mean it. However, Blair thought the kiss meant she was ready to reunite with Chuck, but after seeing how immature he still is, she's decides she is better off alone. She leaves him by standing up for Dan and telling Chuck he's more of man than he will ever be. (Yes!) Dan and Blair agree to be friends, even though it doesn't really seem like that's what they both want.

All this time mind you, Serena has no idea that her BFF and her former-BF, now stepbrother, have bumped tongues. In the final moments of this episode, she receives a tip from Vanessa, who's been getting her creep on and knows all about Dair, and alerts Serena of the situation.

Which brings us to Episode II - Attack of the Jimmy Choos:

There's a new Van Der Woodsen in town - Charlie, Serena's blondie cousin, a non-socialite teen that clearly has been cast to fill the void left by Taylor Momsen. Serena doesn't believe Vanessa's claim that the two people she hearts the most could lie to her like this, so she sends Charlie out to investigate GG-style. At the same time, Prince What's-His-Face shows up in NYC with Blair's shoe and a request for her heart. She agrees, but their relationship has to be kept a secret. (Apparently, they aren't as forgiving of their son falling for a commoner as some other royal families seem to be.)

So, in normal Gossip Girl fashion, Blair devises a plan to throw her royal beau's parents off the scent. She convinces Dan to kiss her again (which doesn't take too much convincing) so that the Prince's butler will see and report back to the rents that Blair is NOT dating the Prince. However, who should find the devious couple instead making with the smooches in a back room but Charlie…and her cell phone. Soon, everyone on the Upper East Side is aware of their kiss, including Serena. The pair run to her and try to explain what they did and why, but Serena's not hearing it. She feels betrayed. That's when Blair supposedly really tears into her friend about all the times she's used Dan and how she has no right to get between their real - wait for it - "connection." Blair leaves and Serena begins to plot her revenge.

With Blair off with the Prince once again, Dan is left with the newbie Charlie, who insists that she thinks Dan likes B more than he is willing to admit - and then he admits it.

Aww! Poor lonely boy! He's little heart's been broken…but for how long?

If these two never really get the a real chance at being together, we're going to feel really cheated, but by the sounds of these spoilers, there MIGHT be some hope for them. Consider our fingers crossed for a huge romantic gesture come the season finale.

What do U think? Do U feel cheated that so much time was spent on developing this relationship only for it to be dumped on arrival? Or do U feel like this is the way it was supposed to be?

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