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Desperate Housewives Pave Way To Season 8!

But that's good news for the ladies of Desperate Housewives, because that means they're in the middle of a renegotiation of deals, and with anything that lasts that long you know they're pretty much going to get what they want to come back!
Here's what's up:
"The deals are for ...
 one year, with an option for a second. With the quartet on board, ABC will renew the show for an eighth season though it is unclear if that will happen right away or closer to the May upfronts. Their new base salary would be around $325,000 per episode, up from about $275,000 under their most recent deals. With additional compensation, including back-end and bonuses, the actresses' paychecks are expected to go up as high as $375,000 per episode. If their options for Season 9 are exercised, their base salary is slated to go up to around $350,000, plus other incentives. If Desperate Housewives goes to nine seasons, which has always been creator Marc Cherry's vision for the show, the four leading ladies' entire compensation package for the next two seasons is valued at close to $18 million for each."
18 million dollars for two seasons?!? That's an incredible deal! Of course, it's no where near what the MaSheen was getting for Two and a Half Men, but it is nothing to shake a stick at.
Impressive, ladies! We hope you land the deals you want, and we can't wait to see you back on our TVs!!

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