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Britney Wrote THREE Songs For Selena's New Album!

Can you believe it! cause i cant (just kidding). So i hear that Brit Brit started by giving Selena Gomez a song titled "Whiplash" that was orriginally ment for ...
 her "Femme Fatal" album and felt why not Mother christmas it a little more and so penned two more songs for Selena upcomming album.
Britney's writing skills is not bad atall (remember she fully penned "Everytime" from the "In the Zone" album and that song is one brit brit song id stand by anyday!) so Selena fans must be killing themselves just itching to find out what the songs sound like ... wont say im not the least bit interested cause Selena for me is a "Singles" singer and so it would be good to see if she can make the cross over from that to the whole package.
We're rooting for you Selena!

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