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WTH!!! Lesbians Who Look Like The Biebs Say No To New Haircut!

What is the world turining into?! you wont believe it but well, that's the word on the street according to the blog Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber, a website devoted to posting pics of lesbians with that famous hairstyle of his before the cut just a short while ago! So how does the founder of the site, who is also a lesbian sporting an original Bieb, know that there hasn't been a monumental shift?? She spoke a bit about it: "I get submissions every single day. Since he cut his hair, that hasn't changed. But I'm still getting the same amount of pictures of girls with the swoopy Justin Bieber hair, not the new style. It's like everyone wants to ignore the new cut, just like everyone wants to ignore the fact that he's dating Selena Gomez. It's one of those 'say it ain't so' moments." (hahahahahahah!!!! lmao!!!!) Selena watch out cause We def think people want to push the Selenita thing out of their minds, it makes the Bieb dream hard to visualize!! The owner of the site does make an excellent point about Bieb's intro hair style: "Even if he cuts his hair, he can't escape the Justin Bieber hairstyle. People will always talk about it, even when he's an old man. It's like Jennifer Aniston and 'The Rachel.' It will never, ever go away." Its just a hair cut you morons!!!! Jesus! yall need to get a life!!!!

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