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What?!!!! Kanye Is Wanted At Fashion Shows?

WTH!!!! New York Magazine reports that even a huge celebrity like Kanye doesn’t get carte blanche to all the hottest fashion shows. Apparently West wasn’t invited to Balmain and Alexander McQueen; Louis Vuitton also denied an invitation to West, even though he designed a popular pair of sneakers for the brand. Kanye’s solution: Show up anyway

About the Balmain show (where Kanye was photographed, above), PR brand KCD said, “Mr. West requested to attend and we let him know we would not be able to accommodate him. He chose to come to the door anyway and we kindly let him know we could not accommodate him.” About the McQueen show, the rep said, “He did not make a request to attend, but he came uninvited.” He was eventually let in through a side entrance by “venue management, not through the front door.” The real question is: Why wouldn’t a brand want Kanye on their front row? Fashion Shows are about raising public awareness. Bloggers, friends, and stylists are getting access. Kanye is a superstar. Why not let him in?
The KCD rep said, “Kanye has been a welcome guest at several events that KCD has managed over the years. Several designers chose to have smaller shows this season and therefore chose to not invite celebs in order to accommodate press and buyers.” This shouldont be an issue for the most fashionable rapper on the planet, come on now! anyway you rock Kanye, just dont start another global issue kk?

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