Rihanna finds a new way to stand out from the crowd (as usuall!)

Earlier in the day she had been sporting a casual covered-up look, but by the time evening rolled around Rihanna had undergone a startling transformation. The singer put her cleavage on full display when she went for dinner in Los Angeles on Sunday night wearing an attention-grabbing low-cut mini dress. And she almost appeared to be spilling out of the tiny dress as she arrived at the city's Giorgio Baldi restaurant, just hours after she had touched down at Los Angeles International Airport. Flamboyant star: Rihanna wanted all eyes on her last night when she stepped out in the red afro wig and tiny low-cut mini dress  The Bajan singer drew further attention to her look by transforming her hair - which had been long and straight when she stepped off the plane - into a fiery red afro.
Rihanna is renowned for her outlandish wig collection and her ‘hair architect’ recently divulged his ideas behind the star’s ever-changing hair pieces. Ursula Stephen likes to use wigs on the 23-year-old because they are better to style with rollers and hot irons, while preserving the health of her natural hair.
Wig tips: Rihanna's hair stylist said wigs are better to style with rollers and hot irons, while preserving the health of her natural hair
Mr Stephen said that Rihanna loves making a statement with her hair and wouldn’t let him tame one of his most outlandish frizzy lioness-like manes. ‘I was like, ‘Bring me that wig and let me cut it down for you to wear out’. But she wouldn’t let me touch it!’ He told StyleList. Her wigs can cost anything from almost £400 to £1,500 but Mr Stephen said: ‘It’s not about the cost, or even if it’s synthetic or real hair.  Quick change: Rihanna arrived at LAX with long sleek locks (right) but by evening had changed into her massive afro ‘It’s about the style you want first. You have to have your vision, then you go and find the piece. 'The only thing I’d say is a better choice to go with synthetic hair if you want a real curly style. It holds much better', he said.
The hair expert said Rihanna chooses her styles depending on what mood she’s in or what image she wants to portray on stage or just out and about with friends.

The S&M singer arrived at Los Angeles International Airport earlier in the day dressed down in a tracksuit and demure make-up.She was still sporting a red wig, but instead of the frizzy mane, she stepped off her plane with long straight locks. But last night she wanted all eyes on her as she strolled around in a barely-there dress, high heels and the flamboyant wig. Mama R gets what Mama R wants! lol u rock Robyn!

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