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More Drama For X-Tina!!!! (From Perez H)

Soo Much Drama!!!!
Sources report that Christina Aguilera is being sued along with record label, Sony, for sampling another song in her track, Ain't No Other Man. Um, aren't you guys a little 2000-and-late on this???
Regardless, TufAmerica owns the rights to Moon People’s 1968 cut Hippy Skippy Moon Strut, the song they claim Xtina sampled on her track. Apparently, Sony was under the impression that another company owned the rights to the song and cleared it with them back in 2006. But they seem to have been mistaken, so now TufAmerica wants some restitutions.
X-Tina, pray for this dark cloud thats been following you since "Not Myself Tonight" should evapourate cause everything (and i mean everything sista) is at stake! You Need Jesus!!!!


  1. christina's big sis14 September 2011 at 00:23

    well i dont believe in god jesus or any of that. you shouldn't publish stuff like that using the names god and jesus because it can offend people, and also i dot care about this. next time you write something important that the computerized world has a right to know. oh ya and 1 more thing, CHRISTINA AGUILERA IS MY SISTER NOT YOURS!! DON'T WRIGHT THIS SHIT ABOUT MY SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jk she's not my sister but still dont post stuff like that about people

  3. cool off! its just a statement and if you dont believe in God well then sorry, go get something to believe in