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Lil' Kim Nu "Suspicions"

Lil Kim smells a conspiracy… i smell depression (give it a rest, will ya!)

14 years ago today, Christopher Wallace (best known as the “Notorious B.I.G.”) died after being gunned down in Los Angeles, and over the years, many theories have been placed on the forefront of the circumstances surrounding his and Tupac’s tragic deaths. Lil Kim called in to DJ Lady T’s online radio show this week to discuss her own personal theory: she feels like the government had something to do with her former lover and his rap rival’s murders. i know your trying to get some sort of buzz for the "Black Friday" record but u really sholdn't be stuppin so damn low to dig dirt that no one is really interested in and also attracting dangerous peeps in the process!!!! when did you go south of sane Kimmie!?!

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