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Jennifer Aniston Set to Play Non-Comedy Roles

This i cant wait to see!!!! Actress Jennifer Aniston says some non-comedy movie projects are in her future, including a film based on the true story of an all-female country-western band that formed at a Texas prison in the 1940s.
According to AP, Aniston stated that the band was "sort of the Dixie Chicks of their time." No production or release dates have been set for the project, tentatively titled "The Goree Girls."
After starring in a string of romantic comedies such as "Just Go With It," Aniston may be turning her sights to more serious fare. Another project, tentatively called "Counterclockwise," may focus on the studies of Ellen Langer, a renowned Harvard psychology professor.
Aniston was in Mexico City on Thursday to promote her new perfume, which bears her name

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