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Down-To-Earth-Diva Adele Responds To Her Success!

This is one real and humble lady!

Our beloved Adele took to her blog today to respond to the news that she has the number one album in the United States, and we cannot tell you how much we ADORE how truly humble and grateful she is for all that's happened since the release of her new album, 21!
She writes:
The first time I ever came to america I was 15 and my dad took me on holiday to NY. I remember going into the then massive virgin store in times square where I thought how amazing it would be to one day have a record in a record shop abroad. Though I NEVER thought it likely in the UK, because it’s pretty unlikely full stop. The thought of my music travelling to any extent always seemed impossible! Almost 7 years later I’ve just been told I have a number 1 album in the US!!! Nothing that’s happened to me over the last month at home or abroad has sunk in, because I was so frightened of releasing it that i grew concrete skin. But it definitely just cracked. And I can’t put into specific words how I feel right now, but ive never felt this way before! Thank you so much! I head home tomorrow for a little break before I head out to see you all on the tour and i cant wait.
Love forever and always
adele x
you deserve it all and the tour is gonna rock!!!!!!!

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