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Lady Gaga Breaks records

and i kind of saw it commin but not so much, so soon!
Everybody knows that Gaga has released her nu song "Born This Way" about two weeks ago and ever since the release and subsiquent Grammy performance, of the song, it has debuted on the top of every music chart all over the globe then the critics said that the song was a rip off of Madonna's "Express Yourself" and she replied that she adores Madonna and any comparism was an achievement for her [Madonna's people sent their love and support].
Now to further shut the mouth's of all the haters, the song is the fastest selling song in the year 2011, going platinum in a week. GaGa's Born This Way continued its reign at #1 for the second week in a row, selling 509,000 tracks, which is a 14% increase from the first week's sales. its also the only song ever to sell so fast
The video will premiere online this Monday, February 28th at 11:00 AM Eastern/8:00 AM Pacific and its not going to be 1 video but 2 videos so watch out cause Gaga is gonna rule 2011

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