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From bELLA 9JA; Journey to Love – The Official Photo Album from Dakore Egbuson & Olumide Akande’s Blissful Wedding

Wow! what a grand start. The year 2011 has kicked off blissfully for BN Weddings, our first wedding story of the year was an exclusive feature on the wedding of Nollywood superstar Dakore Egbuson and her beau, entrepreneur Olumide Akande.We gave you a sneak peek and now here is our exclusive reveal of the official photo album from Dakore & Olumide’s breathtakingly beautiful wedding. Better late than never to show yall wat a grand wedding really is. LooooooooooooooooooooooooV u Dakore
P.S. Genevieve we are waiting for your grand wedding oh!!  and i trust you to deliver well beyond our expectations

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