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AfowzoCelebStar 1st Annual B'day Awards Nominee List

Afowzo's B'Day 1st Annual Awards

A) Music

1. Surprise Hit of the year

[a."Rude Boy" Rihanna]

[b."Dog days are over" Flourence and the Machine]

[c."Break Your Heart" Taio Cruz]

[d."Window Seat" Erykah Baddu]

2. female icon of the year

[a.Lady Gaga]



[d.Nicki Minaj]


[f.Katy Perry]

3. male icon of the year




[d.Trey Songz]


4. rising star of the year

[a.Trey Songz]

[b.Justin Bieber]



5. best movie soundtrack

[a."Alice" Avril Lavigne (Almost Alice)]

[b."Let Her Dance" Bobby Fuller (Fantastic Mr. Fox)]

[c."Heavy In Your Arms" Florence And The Machine (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse)]

[d."What Part Of Forever" Cee Lo Green (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse)]

[e."Follow Me Down" (Feat. Neon Hitch) 3OH!3 (Almost Alice)]

[f."Smash Into You" Beyoncé (Enough)]

6. best live performance

[a."Redemption Song" Rihanna [Live on Oprah]]

[b."Poker Face/Speechless/Your Song" (with Elton John) Lady Gaga [Live at the Grammys]]

[c."If I Was A Boy" Beyoncé (Live at the Grammys)]

[d."Renegade" Eminem & Jay-Z(Live at Dave Letterman)]

[e."OMG/Dj Got Us Falling In Love" Usher (Live at the 2010 VMA's)]

[f."Dog Days are Over" Flourence and the Machine (Live at the 2010 VMA's)]

7. best crossover song

[a."Hold Yuh" [Remix] (Feat. Nicki Minaj) Gyptian]

[b."We No Speak Americano" Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP]

[c."Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" (featuring Freshlyground) Shakira]

[d."Tightrope" (Feat. Big Boi) Janelle Monáe]

[e."Love Long Distance" The Gossip]

[f. "Find Your Love" Drake]

[g."Alors on danse" Stromae]

8. rap song of the year

[a."Nothing On You" [featuring Bruno Mars] B.o.B]

[b."Pass Out" Tinie Tempah]

[c."Massive Attack" (Feat. Sean Garrett) Nicki Minaj]

[d."On To The Next One" (Featuring Swiss Beatz) Jay-Z]

[e."Love the Way You Lie" (featuring Rihanna) Eminem]

[f."Over" Drake]

[g."My Chick Bad" (Feat. Nicki Minaj) Ludacris]

9. pop song of the year

[a."Tic Tok" Ke$ha]

[b."Bad Romance" Lady Gaga]

[c."California Gurls" (featuring Snoop Dogg) Katy Perry]

[d."Telephone" (featuring Beyoncé) Lady Gaga]

[e."Break Your Heart" (featuring Ludacris) Taio Cruz]

[f."Baby" (featuring Ludacris) Justin Bieber]

[g."OMG (featuring Will.i.Am)" Usher]

[h."Haven't Met You Yet" Michael Bublé]

10.rock song of the year

[a."The Only Exception" Paramore]

[b."Breakeven" The Script]

[c."Whataya Want from Me" Adam Lambert]

[d."Never Say Never" The Fray]

[e."King of Anything" Sara Bareilles]

[f."This Afternoon" Nickelback]

[g."Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)" Florence And The Machine]

[h."Uprising" Muse] of the summer

[a."California Gurls" (featuring Snoop Dogg) Katy Perry]

[b."4th Of July (Fireworks)" Kelis]

[c."Commander" [featuring David Guetta] Kelly Rowland]

[d."Something About You" Dr. Sid]

[e."Un-Thinkable (i'm Ready)" Alicia Keys]

[f."Your Love" Nicki Minaj]

[g."Letting Go (Dutty Love)" (featuring Nicki Minaj) Sean Kingston]

[h."Get Outta My Way" Kylie Minouge] new artist


[b.Nicki Minaj]

[c.Florence and the Machine]


[e.Justin Bieber]

13.iconic record of the year

[a."Tic Toc" Ke$ha]

[b."Bad Romance" Lady Gaga]

[c."What About Now" Westlife]

[d."Baby" (featuring Ludacris) Justin Bieber]

[e."Your LoveIs My Drug" Ke$ha]

[f."The Only Exception" Paramore]

[g."OMG" (ft. Will.I.Am) Usher]

[h."Chasing Pirates" Nora Jones] collaboration

[a."Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour)" Jay-Z, Bono, The Edge, Rihanna]

[b."Nothing On You" B.O.B., Bruno Mars]

[c."Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" Shakira, Freshlyground]

[d."OMG" Usher, Will.I.Am]

[e."California Gurls" Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg)]

[f."Love the Way You Lie" Eminem, Rihanna]

[g."We Are the World 25 for Haiti" Artists for Haiti]

[h."Bang Bang Bang" Mark Ronson & The Business Intl, Q-Tip, MNDR]

[i."Bedrock" (Feat. LLoyd) Young Money All Stars]

15.album of the year

[a."Animal" Ke$ha]

[b."Aphrodite" Kylie Minogue]

[c."The Fame MonsTer" Lady Gaga]

[d."Rated R" Rihanna]

[e."Echo" Leona Lewis]

[f."BLACKsummer'snight" Maxwell]

[g."New Amerykah Part Two (Return Of The Ankh)" Erykah Badu]

[h."My Best Friend Is You" Kate Nash]

[i."She Wolf" Shakira]

[j."The Sellout" Macy Gray]

[k."The Odd Couple" Gnarls Barkley]

16.most snobed album of the year

[a."My Best Friend Is You" Kate Nash]

[b."The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III)" Janelle Monáe]

[c."Bionic" Christina Aguilera]

[d."Grafiti" Chris Brown]

[e."Sweet 7" Sugababes]

[f."The Sellout" Macy Gray]

17.flop of the year

[a."Bionic" Christina Aguilera]

[b."Grafiti" Chris Brown]

[c."The Sellout" Macy Gray]

[d."Sweet 7" Sugababes] comback of the year

[a."Everything To Me" Monica]

[b."OMG" Usher]

[c."Make My Heart" Toni Braxton]

[d."Commander" Kelly Rowland]

[e."Million Dollar Bill" Whitney Houston] techno song of the year

[a."Imma be Rocking That Body" The Black Eyed Peas]

[b."Commander" Kelly Rowland]

[c."Wont Go Quietly" Example]

[d."Memories" Feat. Kid CuDi Davig Guetta]

[e."Get Outta My Way" Kylie Minouge]

[f."Freak" [feat. Kardinal Officiall] Estelle]

[g."Dirty Picture" [Featuring Ke$ha] Taio Cruz]

20.most anticipated act of the comming year

[a.Missy Elliott]



[d.Nicki Minaj]

[e.Lady Gaga]

[f.Lenny Kravits]


[h.Nelly Furtado]


[j.Willow Smith]

[k.Kelly Rowland]

[l.Kanye West]

[m.Lily Allen]

21.biggest dissapointment of the year

[a."Bionic" Christina Aguilera]

[b."Sweet 7" Sugababes]

22.most artistic

[a."Lungs" Flourence and the Machine]

[b."My Best Friend Is You" Kate Nash]

[c."The Sellout" Macy Gray]

[d."/\/\/\Y/\ (Maya)" M.I.A.]

[e."Aphrodite" Kylie Minogue]

[f."The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III)" Janelle Monáe]

[g."BLACKsummer'snight" Maxwell]

[h."The Fame MonsTer" Lady Gaga]

[i."The Odd Couple" Gnarls Barkley] Non-English song

[a."Alors on danse" Stromae]

[b."Más" Nelly Furtado]

[c."Qui tu aimes" Marc Antoine]

[d."Manos Al Aire" Nelly Furtado]

[e."Bajo Otra Luz" (Feat. Julieta Venegas & La Mala Rodriguez) Nelly Furtado]

[f."We No Speak Americano" Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP]

24.Ballad of the year

[a."The Only Exception" Paramore]

[b."What About Now" Westlife]

[c."Breakeven" The Script]

[d."Two Is Better Than One" (Ft. Taylor Swift) Boys Like Girls]

[e."Happy" Leona Lewis]

[f."Angel's Cry" [Remix] (featuring Ne-Yo) Mariah Carey]

[g."Un-Thinkable (i'm Ready)" Alicia Keys]

[h."Dancing On My Own" Robyn]

[i."Missing You" The Saturdays]

[j."When I Look At You" Miley Cirus]

[k."Everybody Hurts" Helping Haiti]

25.most missunderstood artst of the year


[b.Macy Gray]


[d.Janelle Monáe]

[e.Gnarls Barkley]

26.worst artist of the year

[a.Christina Aguilera]


[c.50 Cent]


[e.Mariah Carey]

27.most promoted artist

[a.Lady Gaga]


[c.Justin Bieber]

[d.Nicki Minaj]

[e.Lil' Wayne]



28.most charitable artist

[A.Alicia Keys]

[b.Wyclef Jean]

[c.Justin Timberlake]



[f.John Legend]

[g.Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens)]

[h.Shakira] group/Band



[c.The Script]

[d.Gnarls Barkley]

[e.The Black Eyed Peas]



[h.The Gossip]

[i.The Saturdays]

[j.Young Money All Stars]

30.Video of the Year

[a."Bad Romance" Lady Gaga]

[b."Dog days are over" Florence and the Machine]

[c."Massive Attack" Nicki Minaj]

[d."Rude Boy" Rihanna]

[e."Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" Shakira, Freshlyground]

[f."OMG" (feat. Usher]

[g."King Of Anything" Sara Bareilles]

[h."Imma be Rocking That Body" The Black Eyed Peas]
[i."Waving Flags" (all the versions) K'naan]

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