OMAWUMI; Wonder Woman To The Rescue

Where do i begin witht his debut masterpeice who says she stumbled into music (if so then we all should stumble right in with the hope of doing what she has). my apologies for not listening to this when it first came out but now that iv had a taste of the 'Wonder Woman' experience, i can truely say that Miss Omawumi is worth all the hype. this seventeen track debut c.d. boasts of a fusion between culture and exposure beyond what the average nigerian c.d. can offer any listener. the album first track lets us in on her funny side and believe me its the first and last time youd be laghing because youd be amazed at the beauty the songs posses.
what i also found intriguing was the fact that this particular album is quite simple in its composition, themes, messages and structure, yes! expecially in its structure. songs like "Ma fi mi sere" and "when breeze blow" show how simple songs can have the most impact.

another thing i found verry captivating about the album is that its devided basically into two parts "9ja" & "beyond"; the "9ja" part basically comprises nigerian antics, slangs, catch phrases and even proverbs and from these elements transend into "the beyond" which literally gives an out-of-this-country appeal to the album with songs like "Into the music" and my personal favourite in the album, "I miss my baby" which coincidentally, were produced by my favourite producer, Cobhams Asuquo.

the cherry on the top of this "Smoothie" was the song for the niger-delta sector, "Niger Delta 1 (featuring Eric Arubayi)" and the divas encore "Same Guy (featuring Waje & Kel)". these songs, though very different, generate the same vibe at that point in the album which is the final electrifying touch to the otherwise perfect peice.

in conclusion, great work for equally combining the right amount of genres but, i would have expected her to swim into deeper emotional themes of her life beside the general "love" and "rags-to-riches" themes (can't blame her art that is not commercial is just art which is no good expecially in nigeria) so cudos to Omawumi and this is a must have to add to your collection. This is in fact, an international album worth accolades; A true masterpeice.

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