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Too Hot For Cold Bood

Twilight Saga: Eclipse lovers Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been trying their hardest to avoid ever discussing their real-life love in interviews. So much so that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart refuse to answer questions about their personal life while on their Twilight Saga: Eclipse publicity tour, meaning most interviewers don't even risk going there. And while we're desperate for them to reveal some intimate details, we do have to remember that they are real people too, and deserve as much privacy as anyone else. But when the entire cast of Twilight - including hottie Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene and Peter Facinelli - appeared on US TV talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live for a live Q&A, it was kind of inevitable one of the audience would allude to it. Braving taking to the podium, a fan asked Kristen: "Do you prefer Rob with all the vampire make-up on, or do you prefer him normal? Which is sexier?!" The crowd immediately erupted into screams, leaving Kristen looking decidedly shifty while Rob stared at her. The 20-year-old then quickly thought of a reply, telling her: "[The make-up] gets all over me. "The make-up, be it white or brown, ends up all over my face." But the plucky Twi-hard wasn't happy with her answer (and neither would we be), so she asked again: "But which looks sexier?"Visibly squirming, K-Stew then looked to Rob to come to her rescue, who quipped: "I like seeing her with brown make-up all over her face!" She then joked: "Yeah, he really likes that." Host Jimmy Kimmel then stepped in and made a joke, before inviting another fan to the stage. Hilariously the next fan asked another personal question, but this time to Peter Facinelli. She asked the star: "Does Jenny [your wife] ever want you to bring your work home and role play as a vampire?" Lucky for her he was far more responsive than Kristen, answering: "No, but I do play doctor." Now that's a good answer.

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