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Sex & The City 2

OMG! i'm speechless on the experience of this movie. Think about the best movie you'v ever watched and the feelings you felt as a result of that experiene and multiply that by 3 and you'v got SATC2. the reviews for the movie were negative but i say F%$K them all together because the movie was all the fans wanted .... an alot more. earlier today when i watched the movie, theaudience i was among had high cheers for the masterpeice and who in their right minds wouldn't. the Abu-Dabi experience killed me, the upper east-side lifestyle overwhelmed me and the fashion......oh!!! the ashion was unbelivable, infact it was a dream and shokingly not overdone but just right. Samantha and the girls found out that free will can be restricted to certain parts of the world but grandure and luxury was a global statement. if you'v not seen it, stop denying your senses the opportunity to dream.
P.S. hope SATC3 happens because the dream must stay alive and im moving to NYC

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